hold out

hold out
قَدَّمَ \ accord: to give; allow: He was accorded permission to use the library. contribute: to give sth. for a common purpose: Each of us contributed (a pound) to the cost of the gift. give: to cause sb. to have (sth.); provide: What gave you that idea? Who gave you that cut on your face? Sheep give us wool, (with a noun that can also be a verb) to make he gave a shout (or He shouted). He gave me his promise (or He promised). hold out: to offer (for sb. else to take): He held out his plate for some food. introduce: to make (sb. or sth.) known to sb.: I introduced him to my father. I introduced them (to each other). He introduced me to the art of fishing. offer: to give sb. the chance to accept (sth.): They offered the job to the younger woman, but she refused it. present: to give formally; hand over: He presented me with a bill for $5, to put forward; show She presented her plans to the meeting. produce: to show (a ticket, proof, etc.) so as to satisfy sb.. render: to give, as a duty (help, thanks etc.). \ See Also منح (مَنَحَ)، أَضْفَى على، ساهم في (سَاهَمَ في)، عَرَّف بِـ، عرض (عَرَضَ)، برز (بَرَزَ)‏

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